New Offering!!  A Taste of Bodysex and Authentic Tantra®

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My 91 year old mother asked to join me for a Bodysex Workshop. What a powerful experience THAT was!! You can read about it here:


4 Individual 60-90 minute Sessions –Virtually!!

(This includes a follow-up Integration Session 2 weeks after the 4th session).


Session #1)

Consultation: With a sex essay written by you and sent to me ahead of time. We’ll go over it in our session along with more in depth questions I’ll ask when we’re together. You share. I listen.

Sex Essay: Write a few paragraphs answering the following:

*Your religious upbringing; parent’s attitude toward sex.

*Your first memory of masturbation

*Your first partner sex

*Your current sex life

*Your sex goal – what you desire.


Sharing my sexual story was vulnerable, scary, liberating and sacred. Being seen, heard, witnessed and accepted just as I am – helped me to be able to do the same with myself.



Session #2)

We’ll do a Tibetan Tantric Fire Element Meditation from Authentic Tantra® together, to activate the energy in the sex chakra. Then, Betty Dodson’s “genital show and tell”. I will do this with you and you are free to participate to whatever level you are comfortable. I will share the over 11 different orgasms female body’s are capable of experiencing.  Anatomy of the female body with pictures and explanations of the arousal and engorgement process are part of this session.



Session #3)

From Authentic Tantra®, I will teach you a profoundly healing breathing technique, to help your nervous system know it is safe to relax and open to pleasure and a specific self-pleasure practice, along with how to set up sacred space.


Session #4)

I’ll teach you Betty Dodson’s “rock n’ roll” method and a few other of her fun techniques using the Magic Wand. You can purchase the “barbell” she created from her website if you like. You can check it out here:         (It’s not necessary to have. You can use another dildo if preferred.)



*Each session will begin with a ‘”check –in” so you have an opportunity to share your experiences and ask questions. I’ll also have “homeplay” for you to do in between the sessions to help you embody and integrate the practices.


*Cost: $600 Covid-19 pricing (Discount of $400).


My intention for these sessions is that together we create and maintain a sacred, safe, confidential and nonjudgmental space. A container, for whatever is wanting to arise. All emotions, experiences and questions are welcome. If you agree and hold this intention with me, please sign here:




Recommendations: For our sessions, please be sure you have privacy and won’t be interrupted. Please have your phone OFF. Please have water, tea or something else you enjoy drinking, comfortable clothes, a notebook, a comfortable place to sit. This is about YOU being present to beautiful YOU – and awakening to your pleasure potential!!

Also, a word of caution if you are someone who enjoys and does a lot of different healing modalities: our sessions are Medicine and can stir up deep emotions. Please don’t schedule another healing session on the same day. Trust your intuition as to the spacing. Be gentle with yourself and your process. Too much healing at once can create an overdose of Medicine – and that’s not advisable or pleasurable!!

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