Working with women, I weave the Emotion Code and Body Code into my Authentic Tantra® sessions. These can be deep and vulnerable. Being seen, heard, and witnessed in a safe and compassionate space allows for profound healing.

All services offered are performed according to a high code of ethics to protect clients and me, the Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioner, while preserving the authenticity of the teachings of the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education. 


Awaken Your Pleasure Potential Breakthrough Session – 30 minutes

Do you struggle with pleasure anxiety? Discover your blocks to bliss and gain clarity on how to break through them in order to fully awaken your pleasure potential.

To schedule your appointment, please email me at . 



Emotion Code/Body Code Session – 1 hour each

Experience how freeing it can be to release trapped emotions stored in our body, affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These energies can often weigh us down and hold us back from fully enjoying our life, our health, and our relationships.

Single Session – $150.00

Five Session Package – $600.00 (Save $150)

To schedule your appointment, please email me at . 



Yoni Emancipation Session – 4 hours

A somatic healing session to free the Yoni from emotional, physical, cultural, religious and ancestral traumas using Authentic Tantra® techniques. This is offered in a sacred, safe place to restore sensation and heal through a combination of breath, touch, and awareness. This session also includes Emotion Code and ends with a full-body integration massage to balance and seal in the newly enriched and awakened healing energy within you.

The 4-hours stated above, includes an hour intake session online ahead of time. Please note the healing session is in-person in BC, Canada.

Single Session – $500 (Save $100)

Please inquire about setting up a session by emailing me at .