Are you a woman who has experienced trauma, pain, shame? Are you suffering silently? I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you !

Are you ready and willing to connect to your body, awaken your pleasure potential, and unite your sexuality with your spirituality?

If so, I’d be honored to support you. This is my life’s passion.

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There are many different styles of Tantra. I practice and teach Authentic Tantra®, which is a trauma informed holistic healing modality rooted in the Tibetan Five Element Tantric Teachings. These teachings are lineage based and promote healing and transformation in every area of our lives – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.

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I was once a nun in a conservative religious community. Now, I teach Tantra as medicine.

As a former nun, oncology nurse, holistic health coach, and energy medicine practitioner, I am passionate about supporting the healing and transformation needed to reunite our sexuality with our spirituality. I know personally the emotional, physical, and mental trauma this “disconnect” can create in one’s life. I have also experienced firsthand the profound healing and transformation Authentic Tantra® offers.

Working with women, couples and groups, I weave the Emotion Code and Body Code, an energy medicine technique, into my Authentic Tantra® sessions to enhance meaningful self-connection. These sessions can be deep and vulnerable. Being seen, heard and witnessed in a safe and compassionate space allows for profound healing.



••• Authentic Tantra® Practitioner through the Institute of Authentic Tantra Education (The only Government accredited school for sexual healing in the world)

••• Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

••• Energy Medicine Practitioner from the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine. 

••• Bodysex Leader in the Betty Dodson Method.


My deepest desire for you is that you feel good about and inspired by your own life!

In my experience, cultivating compassion and kindness, first of all towards ourselves, leads to deep healing of body, heart, and mind. Healing is all about revealing what is hidden within ourselves. Underneath our nearly non-stop judgmental mind is an amazing human being, so worth connecting with! YOU!

By empowering, educating and inspiring women to reconnect with their authentic self – including their sexuality – they are able to tap into their own potential in order to heal, transform and live a life of vibrancy and whole-hearted self-expression.

This is a path to self-realization that leads to honoring and releasing of often buried shame, guilt, stress, self-loathing, and pain while reclaiming our personal freedom, joy, and peace. The Authentic Tantra® practices of meditation, breath work, and movement deeply support this path.

Let’s connect on a deeper level.

Interested in experiencing the healing power of Tantra as Medicine for yourself? Contact me for an Awaken Your Pleasure Potential Breakthrough Session.

Client Testimonials

“Laurie McCracken is a Healer’s Healer.”

Exceptional healer! Beautiful, gentle care from an enlightened healer who holds the most sacred safe space for deep healing.  Highly recommend a session with Laurie for anyone interested in healing and clearing old traumas that have kept them stuck for too long.  Laurie is especially a safe space for healers who need confidentiality to do their own work.  As she is very good at holding respectful space for Master Healers as well as anyone seeking relief, shifts, liberation, and self-love.

Oceana LeBlanc

“So much Love, Light, and Laughter!”

I always look forward to my time with Laurie who brings much love, light, and laughter to our sessions. I am amazed at how on target she is in uncovering years’ worth of buried emotions. She works quickly and deeply. If you have tried counseling or other modalities as I have, I highly encourage you to give Laurie an opportunity to assist you in going further with your healing.

Leslie from Georgia

“I’ve become a New Person.”

I have had several sessions with Laurie, and she has been able to get to the deepest layers of trauma, trapped emotions, and other blockages that had been in my way that I couldn’t access myself. And she has helped me to release all those things that had been trapped there! As a result, I feel like I have become a new person – the person I had long wished to be — and am at last able to live the life I had yearned for decades but had not been able to realize until now.

Dave S.

“I’m an official fan!”

You were amazing last night in group emotion code. I am an official fan of you and emotion code because you really take people out of their repeating karmic circle so that they don’t have to experience the same obstacles again and again. In my case, for example, my whole family experienced relief and anxiety I brought from my past life seems to be gone; I feel safe again, even here in Turkey :). Thank you so much, Laurie. I hope we go deeper because I sure want to learn and experience more.

Lots of love, Sinem (Turkey)

“Amazing Healing.”

Laurie is a deeply caring, experienced and intuitive healer that will help you work through blocks you didn’t even know you had. I came to Laurie so stuck, blocked and shut down that I didn’t know what to do. Laurie’s work with my subconscious and body began the process of releasing blocks and energy that I have held onto since birth. It is amazing work and Laurie is the perfect person to lead you on the path to healing.


“My Heart Lit Up.”

PRECIOUS WORK with Laurie today! This spontaneous first experience of Laurie’s work was in a wonderful way affecting me. My whole system and especially the heart lit up- and I was able to release a lot of old stuck emotions. I sure will make another appointment to continue this journey. Laurie – I deeply appreciate your loving warm attitude, your humor, and your deep intuition. Thank you!


“Laurie is Amazing!”

AMAZING!! Laurie is AMAZING!!! Love her! She is the spoonful of sugar to help your medicine go down – you will not be disappointed.

Sandi Mastro

“Fast and effective!”

Childhood PTSD left me with a hair trigger anger that even brain biofeedback therapy reduced from weekly to monthly occurrences. Working with Laurie has greatly reduced the sharp edges of my remaining PTSD symptoms, transforming my relationship with my partner, my colleagues, and my boss by creating more trust. This therapy is fast, non-regurgitative, goes very deep and works where others simply don’t. I finally feel as if I am moving towards self-esteem and peace.

Nan Lee

“Positive move forward!”

Laurie is the most charming lovely lady with a warm persona and was able to help me with some long-term trapped childhood emotions that were released from my heart and liver that I just knew were stuck in my body but I simply didn’t know how to unblock these emotions. I feel like I’ve been trapped in an ’emotional wheelchair’ and now for the first time, I could walk away from these emotions that had stopped me from moving in a forward positive direction. Thank you for your amazing gift. Bless you.


“A Refreshing Experience!”

My experience with Laurie was a refreshing and transformative one. She was able to release a cluster of emotions that have been trapped within me. It took a few days to fully process and embrace the healing session. Laurie was very compassionate throughout the session that I felt a special connection with myself that I have never experienced before. I’m very appreciative and grateful for her help and I would recommend it to anyone.


“I always look forward to my time with Laurie.”

She brings much compassion, understanding, and love to our sessions. I feel very safe in her presence. Sometimes there are tears, other times there is laughter, but always there is an underlying peace that all is well with my soul and everything is working out for my highest good and the good of humanity. With the help of Laurie, I am becoming more and more free from all that is hindering me from my potential of living the life I am meant to live. I am amazed at how on target she is in uncovering years’ worth of buried emotions. She works quickly and deeply. If you have tried counseling or other modalities as I have, I highly encourage you to give Laurie an opportunity to assist you in going further with your healing.


“Extraordinary Healer!”

In the years of therapy, I labored through learning to feel and express emotions. In an hour with Laurie, I experienced immediate upliftment and relief as I learned how to allow trapped emotions to be released. The impact on my life and relationships has been extraordinary!

Patrick Durkin