My 91 year old mother came to my Bodysex Workshop!

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There were 4 of us. One was my 91 year old mother, who has wanted to understand “exactly” what it is I’m doing now. She recently invited her 76 year old “man friend” to move in with her. That was huge! Since I started my sexual healing journey a few years ago, she has seen a huge change in me. The ripple effect being she has allowed herself to change, too. She has heard me talk about Betty Dodson and how fabulous these Bodysex Workshops are. She has wanted to read all the books she hears me talk about.

When my barbells arrived for the 1st workshop she asked me what they were, and when I explained, she said “I think I might need one of those….” So for Mother’s Day, that was her gift. When I recently announced I was doing another workshop she said: “ If there is an opening , I’d like to come”. Wow. We’ve always had a pretty good relationship, yet I’ve been aware of some kind of a veil or block between us that I would love to have disappear.

What was amazing to me was how absolutely comfortable I was this time greeting each woman at the door naked – I was so excited about sharing this experience with them. My nerves and sense of deep vulnerability had woken me up in the middle of the night 2 evenings ago, but now, with Betty and Carlin’s blessings, I was ready.

Genital show and tell was powerful. For the first time I could actually SEE ONLY BEAUTY as each of us revealed and shared this precious part of ourselves. It was so moving to me – a sign the remnants of a past sense of “ugliness” around my own genitals no longer exists, which filled my heart like a soothing balm with profound gratitude. The other women had never thought of “naming her”, so it caught them off guard when I asked if they had a name. They laughed when I shared mine: Pleasure Island. What was extraordinary was to watch as a glow came over each of their faces when they surprised themselves by coming up with the perfect name! Iris, Pussy Cat and Precious. When I asked if “she” had a message for them: 2 of them said: “She wants me to spend more time with her”. Self- pleasuring commitments were made with these beautiful Pussy’s!

I think we all felt a layer of shame leave the room just by naming and claiming our vulva’s! Childlike wonderment, reverence, pride and delight filled the room. I had prepared a homemade meal of butternut squash and ginger soup, green salad with lively carrot curls and an almond flour crusted broccoli and feta cheese quiche. All our senses were being honored and we were taking the time to savor them. A luxurious rarity these days… The bond of sisterhood was already being felt.

After lunch we gathered in our sacred circle again, for Erotic Recess. The laughs were awesome, we all orgasmed! One of the women ejaculated – over and over again. What a new experience for these women – never had they dreamt of anything like this and yet something about it felt SO right. SO natural. SO healing. Alone AND together – experiencing relaxation, fun and pleasure! One woman commented: “I don’t think I’ve ever given myself permission to experience pleasure for myself.” On one hand, how sad to realize this and then immediately how wonderful to be aware that now she can!! Awareness creates the possibility to change. Yay!!

Oh how I wish I had a picture of their faces when this former nun announced, next is the “pillow fuck”! We all burst out laughing!! And the shouts of surprise, glee and pleasure from experiencing it were priceless!! I couldn’t stop laughing – from the pleasure, mind you…and my mother was so delighted to see me having such a great time!

I was aware how profoundly amazing and healing it was for ME to have her present and “SEE” me, for who I am. I wasn’t hiding anything from her anymore. She was seeing ALL of me, in my joy, in my wholeness –AND she was happy for me and WITH me. THAT brought joy to her. It was so unexpected, yet real. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. It was such an unexpected gift for both of us. Once we were done with the pillow fuck, we all found ourselves sitting in deep silence, almost meditating on what had just happened, we were in a space of deep relaxation. There WERE no words. It was so simple, yet also profound. It just was. I think that lasted for a good 5 minutes. Amazing.

We concluded the day with a wonderful full body massage with warm oil, which was totally enjoyed by each of us. And there you have it: another deeply healing, delightfully pleasurable Bodysex Workshop experience. Empowered women empower women. I am SO grateful to you, Betty Dodson!!!

I feel SO privileged to be able to offer this experience to other women. I want to radiate and be the embodiment of Pleasure, for myself and for all of humanity!! It’s time!!

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